F&B ID Revitalized the Darmo Bus Stop, Surabaya

F&B ID Revitalized the Darmo Bus Stop, Surabaya

19th December 2023

F&B Indonesia (F&B ID / PT Foods Beverages Indonesia), in collaboration with the Surabaya Government, revitalized the Darmo Bus Stop at Darmo Street, Surabaya, to bring safety and comfort to public transportation users, that was inaugurated on 17 December 2023, by Tundjung Iswandaru, ST., MM, Head of the Transportation Department of Surabaya, who represented Eri Cahyadi, S.T., M.T., the Mayor of Surabaya. The bus stop is passed by Suroboyo Bus route, operating every day from 5.30 AM-10 PM and Suroboyo Bus Tumpuk (tourist double-decker bus). 

The revitalization included the bus stop becoming more interesting, comfortable, and functional, with comfortable seatings, plants, great colors, and unique signage lamps, complete with an information board for information about the government's agenda and community service messages, as four energy-saving lamps and CCTV cameras integrated with CCTV network of the Transportation Department of Surabaya.

Eri Cahyadi said, “Representing the Surabaya Government, I'd like to express my gratitude to F&B Indonesia for its initiative to revitalize Darmo Bus Stop to become more comfortable, safe, and interesting. As information, regarding the data of the Transportation Department of Surabaya, every day this bus stop is used by people, so the public must feel the revitalization.”

Lany Cucu, General Manager Marketing of F&B ID, stated, “We chose Darmo Bus Stop because despite of its location in front of the soulfull hub by F&B Indonesia Darmo, this Darmo Bus Stop is also the intersection of Suroboyo Bus connecting South and North of Surabaya, one of the main spot for public's activities during Car Free Day (CFD). In the revitalization process, F&B Indonesia involved the Transportation Department of Surabaya, which managed the bus stop, and we also got full support from the Surabaya government. Hopefully, the revitalization will be useful not only for bus users but also for all people of Surabaya and nearby areas, including the visitors of soulfull hub by F&B Indonesia. Hopefully with the presence of the new Darmo Bus Stop, we can fulfill eight soulfull pillars that are wanted to bring by soulfull hub by F&B Indonesia, especially the pillar of positive impact to the surrounding.”

Gerakan Sapu Plastik (sweep the plastic movement) program, an upcycling initiative in the circular economy initiated by Chatime since February 2022, also came to soulfull hub by F&B Indonesia Darmo. The movement wants to contribute to reducing the effect of plastic waste by doing waste sorting. The customers can participate by simply putting Chatime plastic cups or any plastic glasses and bottles into the dropbox to be processed into various high-quality upcycle products such as bags, purses, prayer mats, and animal beds by MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises). The program has collected 2,112 kgs of plastic waste, equal to over 113,000 plastic glasses, through 36 dropboxes in Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, and Surabaya, resulting in an eight tonnes decrease in CO2 emission.