About Us

About Us

Some Call It Brand Story, We Call It Legacy

Kawan Lama Group which consists of six business pillars: Industrial & Commercial, Consumer Retail, Food & Beverage, Property & Hospitality, Commercial Technology, and Manufacturing & Engineering; was born out of a humble moment over a conversation in 1955. Through various products  and sustainable business growth that we offer, we strive to share our values and improving the quality of lives by aiming to be more than just family business, but business for families.

We put the quality of our products, the excellence of our services, and the will of giving the best to our customers as our core business purposes to thrive in today’s increasingly-fierce market competition. In order to be an organization that is constantly learning, innovating, and adapting to the current development, we contrived I AM ELITE as our corporate value that held the spirit of our organizational culture with human-centric as the core.

Where we stand today is the result of the relentless efforts of realizing the company's vision. As a contribution to the advancement of the country economy, we constantly grow our business which now consists of more than 30 brands, 11 distribution centers, and over 1,200 stores nationwide.

Our Vision

More than family business, we are business for families.

Our Mission

Bringing values for the betterment of lives through business development and continuous growth.

Bring Values for the Betterment of Lives

We exist and hold onto our slogan, “Bring Value for a Better Life”.