Kawan Lama Foundation

Kawan Lama Foundation

Social Contributions and Giving Positive Impacts

Perpetual Contributions to Human Life and Environment

Founded in 2014 by Kawan Lama Group, Kawan Lama Foundation aims to participate in giving positive impacts on the development of Indonesia. The logo of Kawan Lama Foundation is inspired by Japanese crane origami which symbolizes success and prosperity.


Since then, this foundation has been continuously initiating and implementing various social activities and sustainability programs to uphold human values and environmental sustainability. For that reasons, Kawan Lama Group is committed to bring positive impacts for the development of the whole Indonesian society.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Four Pillars of Our Commitment

AKSI (Ayo Kita Sejahterakan Indonesia)” is a movement that Kawan Lama Foundation has put forward on its journey and comprises of four pillars: humanity, education, environment, and community development.



To the communities in need, our genuine care can bring hope. To improve the lives of underprivileged communities and to aid those who are affected by natural disasters, we carry out humanitarian and social activities through a series of sustainable AKSI.



The role of education is vital for the future of society to improve the quality of life for the better. We organized AKSI to increase the quality of education and to improve teaching facilities and infrastructure, both for schools and educational assistance.



Earth is the place where we live and grow together. Inevitably, as a form of concern towards the sustainability of the earth and the next generation, we are responsible for preserving the earth's environmental sustainability. Through joint environment-focused movements involving stakeholders, Kawan Lama Group carries out sustainable caring actions of AKSI.


Community Development

When done together, a change will be more impactful. Through our active AKSI community empowerment program, we support the community's changes and independence. With the hope of bringing benefits to more people, we aspire to contribute back to the community. Through a series of sustainability movements, the community development program focus on improving soft and hard skills.