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ruparupa is a trusted omnichannel solution powered by Kawan Lama Group that presents an integrated online and offline shopping experience for products of ACE, INFORMA, INFORMA Electronics, Krisbow, Toys Kingdom, Pendopo, Pet Kingdom, SELMA, ATARU, EYE SOUL, to Chatime.

ruparupa provides complete collections of original products with official warranty and a wide price range selections, ranging from home improvement products such as minimalist kitchen needs, furniture, racks and storage, decorational and renovation items, automotive products, also hobby and lifestyle needs, health and sporting goods, electronics and gadgets, to kids toys. Customers can purchase the products online, then pick up the orders directly (offline) through over 600 store networks of Kawan Lama Group. Moreover, ruparupa also offers various services such as 14-day warranty, free delivery across Indonesia, 0% installment free of administration fees from various major banks, and various digital payment services, with terms and conditions apply.

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