Pendopo Holds Kids Fashion Show Contest at Living World Denpasar, Bali

Pendopo Holds Kids Fashion Show Contest at Living World Denpasar, Bali

11th June 2024

Indonesia is rich in priceless, diverse cultural heritage, which needs to be kept sustainable, such as by instilling a love of culture from an early age. Regarding this, Pendopo held a kids' fashion show at its store located at Living World Denpasar, on 26 May 2024.

Carrying an Ethnic Casual theme, the kid's fashion show was participated by 30 kids aged four to 12 years old. The little models came with charming looks and were full of confidence, just like professional models walking down the catwalk at the store, wearing clothes that combined casual style and a touch of local culture. The suitability of the theme, clothing creativity, and body movement became the main criteria for judgment by the jury to choose three participants to become the winners, who would get a trophy and exclusive gift from Pendopo.

Tasya Widya Krisnadi, Director of Pendopo, stated, “Pendopo believes that Indonesian culture preservation lies on the young generation’s shoulders, hence the care and love against the culture must be nurtured from an early age. The kid’s fashion show carries this spirit, with a single hope that the kids can know and respect more about the Indonesian cultural heritage variety, and get inspired to keep Indonesian culture in their daily living.”

Through the slogan “Ragam Satu Negeri (The variety of a nation)”, Pendopo, part of Kawan Lama Group, acts as the ecosystem that boosts local product development and Indonesian culture preservation. Besides fashion show contest, Pendopo also undertakes various social initiatives, including local products curation to diverse locations in Indonesia, and community assistance and training required by local cultural products to keep growing in the modern era. Previously, Pendopo undertook assistance and a series of training programs at Kabupaten Sikka Regency (East Nusa Tenggara) in 2022 and Buleleng Regency (Bali) in 2023