Pendopo Presents Fashion Show 'Buleleng Kita'

Pendopo Presents Fashion Show 'Buleleng Kita'

14th December 2023

Pendopo presents the fashion show Buleleng Kita (Our Buleleng) at Amphitheater of Living World Denpasar as a culture preservation initiative on 8 December 2023. The event was the highlight of the assistance and training program for textile and clothing MSMEs (micro, medium, and small enterprises) in Buleleng Regency that was carried out since early of June 2023 in Pusat Layanan Usaha Terpadu (Integrated Business Service Center) Building owned by Buleleng Regency Government, joined by over 40 local tailors, housewives, and students.

In collaboration with local designers, online and offline trainings focused on designing and sewing were undertaken. Given also various training about fashion industry and market trends, defining quality standard, production management and financial literacy, digitalization, also boosting sustainable fashion through the use of leftover fabric from production to be made various accessories such as bags, purses, bracelets, and earrings.

Ni Nyoman Dina Triana Dewi, a training participant, said, “I'm thankful to Pendopo for the chance, because I'm motivated and have more capability to keep working in this field. Pendopo also gave us the chance to empower and become more prosperous, while at the same time preserving our cultural heritage.”

From September to November 2023, the training proceeded to assistance, production, and creation selection, where local designers assisted the training participants in groups to create ready-to-use clothing and accessories that will be curated and shown in the fashion show. Selected creations will also be produced and marketed through Pendopo modern retail.

The fashion show Buleleng Kita is a collaboration between Pendopo and Buleleng Regency Government, supported by Bank Mandiri, showcasing 74 creations made of Balinese woven fabric as the main material, and divided into three parts, which are 32 local designer creations, 24 clothing and accessories from Buleleng MSMEs as the results of assistance and training programs, and ended with 18 creations from Pendopo designers. To further support Buleleng MSMEs empowerment, Pendopo held Buleleng MSMEs Festival on 7-10 December 2023 at Living World Denpasar, followed by over 40 MSMEs of painting, craft, and food from Buleleng Regency. 

Drs. Dewa Made Sudiarta, M.Si, Head of the Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Service of Buleleng Regency, stated, “We appreciate Pendopo's initiative so much. Hopefully, the event inspires various MSMEs people and communities in Buleleng to keep enthusiastically creating and together enhance the welfare of the people. Hopefully, the event doesn't become the end but the dawn of sustainable collaborations.” 

Tasya Widya Krisnadi, Director of Pendopo, said, “One of the tokens of Pendopo's efforts in culture preservation is community empowerment programs, especially local cultural product producers. After last year we did for the ikat Sikka weavers in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, this year we brought the similar program to Buleleng Regency, Bali, which has charm and rich of natural products, also great potential for the fashion industry. Hopefully, through the training of the use of Balinese woven fabric to become ready-to-use fashion, and the opening of market access through Pendopo, the competitiveness and the spirit of Buleleng's textile and clothing MSMEs can keep enhancing. We also hope that our efforts can boost the preservation of Balinese woven fabric heritage, to be enjoyed by the generation now and then.”