Living World Denpasar, the Biggest Mall Presenting Beautiful Architecture of Bali with Environment-friendly Concept

Living World Denpasar, the Biggest Mall Presenting Beautiful Architecture of Bali with Environment-friendly Concept

30th March 2023

Living World, the shopping center with the concept of “Home Living & Eat-ertainment” developed by Kawan Lama Group, officially opened its third mall in Denpasar, Bali, on Friday, 24 March 2023. This mall is full with nuance of Balinese culture, with the presence of gate and fountain in the lobby, also iconic ornaments representing the beauty of Bali. Various brands of Kawan Lama Group are here, such as ACE, INFORMA, Toys Kingdom, Pet Kingdom, Pendopo, EYE SOUL, THYS, and a series of culinary brands of F&B ID, namely Chatime Atealier, Cupbop, Gindaco, and Go! Go! CURRY Genki no Minamoto. 

Living World Denpasar is also designed to be an environment-friendly mall, with the application of energy efficient architecture concept, like the use of solar panel, LED lamps, sunlight utilization as natural lighting, and minimized waste water management system that reprocesses waste water for watering the plants and filling the decorative pools.

Living World Denpasar also presents outdoor areas such as sidewalk area where visitors can do exercises or relaxed walking while enjoying the river scenery along the mall. Balinese people can also use outdoor areas in Living World for various art and cultural performances on the amphitheater with capacity of 500 persons and rooftop community park, or playing with their pets.

The opening of Living World Denpasar also gets appreciation from Bali Governor, Dr. Ir. I Wayan Koster, M.M. represented by Vice Governor Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardana Sukawati, M.Si, “The presence of Living World Denpasar will bring positive impact that can be felt by all Balinese people especially Denpasar residents, because it opens employments for local people, also boosts the economy. We are glad with the opening of Living World, and hope that the mall can keep giving positive contributions for the advancement of Bali.” Through hundreds of tenants, 70% of employees of Living World Denpasar are local people. 

In the opening moment, Living World Denpasar also states its caring commitment to culture preservation and community development in Bali. First, through giving appreciation to Ni Ketut Arini, the Maestro of internationally known Legong Dance and actively preserving Legong Dance through her dance studio. Second, Living World Denpasar gives support to Aswinantha dance studio, which has created Living World Signature Dance. Support also given in equipment to support art and culture preservation of Bali. 

Developing local MSMEs also becomes the concern of Living World Denpasar. Living World Denpasar has undertaken two social contribution programs, by giving training to enhance the quality of products offered by MSMEs in culinary, craft, and fashion of Bali. In culinary field, Living World Denpasar collaborates with Samsaka Group to curate and develop more than 50 local culinary startups in the Asian Market area and become the culinary destination for local people and foreigners. 

Meanwhile in crafts and fashion, Living World Denpasar will hold fashion show to showcase MSMEs products in cooperation with Pendopo, house of local MSMEs that is also part of Kawan Lama Group. Living World Denpasar also provides fashion street, a certain area that showcases fashion brands that young people are proud of. Through various sustainability initiatives, Living World Denpasar hopes can keep bringing significant positive impact, especially for Balinese people.

Met on the rooftop area, Jimmy Sutedja and his family expressed their cheerfulness, “So happy can visit a new mall with so amazing design, also there are outdoor areas on the rooftop and outside the mall. So comfy place for hanging out with family. More successful for Living World Denpasar and congrats for the opening.” 

Director of Living World Denpasar, Theresia Setiadjaja said, “It is our pride to present Living World in Denpasar, a mall designed to be more than just shopping place, but also becomes favorite destination for Balinese people and tourists to fulfill their needs, entertainment, and enjoy various local culture. To make the vision come true, Living World Denpasar carries the concept of “5 Marvelous World of Living World” that emphasizes various advantages on architecture and facilities.”