Living World Presents a Series of the Biggest Lanterns in Indonesia

Living World Presents a Series of the Biggest Lanterns in Indonesia

18th January 2023

Living World, shopping center with "Home Living, Lifestyle & Eat-ertainment" concept, developed by Kawan Lama Group, presents a special event of “The Biggest Lantern Festival in Indonesia” at Mall Living World Alam Sutera, starting 17 January 2023. More than 880 big and unique lanterns are shown at various outdoor areas of the mall during the festival, bringing special and different nuance that can be enjoyed by the visitors for free.

Jannywati, Director of Living World, stated, “This Lantern Festival is a special dedication of Living World Alam Sutera to all visitors in the early 2023. After three years of pandemic, we hope that this event that shows a series of big lanterns in various shapes and colors, can bring entertainment to families and become new favorite recreational destination, not merely for public of Tangerang, but also cities nearby, to have a recreation with their families.”

In this festival, lanterns that are interestingly arranged, have three themes namely "Fairytale Fantasy", “Oriental Fun Fest”, and “Jungle Fantasy”. The three themes are aligned with the lanterns’ unique shapes. "Fairytale Fantasy" shows lanterns inspired by classic tales such as the golden chariot in Cinderella story, the goose and the golden eggs, also magic mirror and various beautiful frames which are perfect spots for family photo.

Theme “Oriental Fun Fest” will make the visitors amazed by the presence of giant rabbit lantern with eight meters height to welcome the Lunar New Year: Water Rabbit. Visitors can also find lanterns from the other 11 characters, each with two meters height. Moreover, there is dragon lantern with length 35 meters, the longest lantern in the festival. Also a pair of barongsai lanterns in five meters height, complete with imagination gate in beautiful colors. Special for lanterns in “Jungle Fantasy” theme, visitors are offered to explore mushroom lanterns, complete with big ants and spectacular elk deer lantern. This fairyland theme will surely become the favorite area for visitors with kids.

The lantern festival is also well appreciated by Sandiaga Uno, as Indonesia Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. In his speech, Sandiaga Uno said, “I am Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Indonesia Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, giving appreciation to Living World for holding The Biggest Lantern Festival in Indonesia in Living World Alam Sutera. I hope this festival can be alternative recreational attraction that is interesting to public, especially Jakarta and surrounding cities, and can bring multiplied effect for wide job opening, enhance economic growth of the public as the momentum of economic recovery in tourism and creative economy."

Pilar Saga Ichsan as the Vice Mayor of South Tangerang, also stated his appreciation, “We are happy and fully support the lantern festival, which become one of new recreational destinations that can be enjoyed by public of South Tangerang and nearby cities. Hopefully this post pandemic event can bring positive impact for economic growth.”

In the opening ceremony moment of the festival, Living World Alam Sutera also expressed its commitment to give contribution to the public, “With the same spirit, along with the opening of the festival, Living World is committed to carry out social contribution called “Berbagi Cahaya untuk Negeri (Sharing Light to the Country)” by giving lamp donations to 10 worship places and other public facilities in South Tangerang area. In this program, we are committed to replace all lamps in those places using energy saving LED lamps from Krisbow, a local brand that is also one of brands of Kawan Lama Group. We hope through this event,  Living World Alam Sutera can keep bringing values for the betterment of lives to all of us, aligned with the mission of Kawan Lama Group,” closed Jannywati.