Supporting Environmental Sustainability, ACE Completes City Parks’ Facilities in Three Cities

Supporting Environmental Sustainability, ACE Completes City Parks’ Facilities in Three Cities

14th April 2023

The city park is often called the “lungs of the city”, due to the number of trees that absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen that is essential for our breathing system. The city park is also a public facility for relaxation, socialization, and exercise. To maximize its function, ACE, as part of Kawan Lama Group does sustainability actions by completing the facilities of city parks in three big cities comprising Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar. While the products donated, such as decorative lamps, park chairs, trash bins, and an infographic board about the importance of reusable drinking bottles to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles. The program named “ACE Care for Environment” is part of a green campaign initiative that starts from caring about a sustainable environment. 

On 11 April 2023, ACE handed over the addition of facilities at Pakui Sayang City Park, Makassar, from Vice President of Sales & Operations of ACE, Rinekso Widyanto, to Head of the Department of Housing, Settlement Areas, and Land Affairs of Makassar, Dr. M. Iqbal S. Suhaeb, S.E., M.T. This event closes the series of a green campaign named ACE Care for the Environment – Public Facilities Addition of City Park.

Iqbal stated, “This ACE program is very good and we appreciate it. It is a collaboration between the Government and the stakeholder, that complete and support each other. Hopefully, the new facilities added can bring more enthusiasm to the public to do activities comfortably in Pakui Sayang City Park.”

Previously, ACE has also done the same activities by completing the facilities of City Park Green Garden, West Jakarta, in May 2022 and Apsari City Park in Surabaya, December 2022.

Rinekso Widyanto, Vice President Sales & Operations of ACE said, “Besides contributing to provide comfortable areas, ACE also urges the public to reduce plastic waste by using drinking bottles, in line with 's commitment to participate in realizing Sustainable Development Goals, especially in environment. ACE initiated the green campaign, supported by our customers, where 50% of drinking bottle sales at all ACE stores in 2020 was donated to the program. Representing ACE, allow me to express our gratitude to all customers, the government of Makassar, Surabaya, and West Jakarta, also other parties that support the program. In line with ACE's commitment as The Helpful Place, hopefully, we can give other positive contributions in the future.”