ACE Completes Green Garden City Park's Facilities

ACE Completes Green Garden City Park's Facilities

31st May 2022

As place for public to relax, socialize, and exercise together, city park is essential, especially in city living where spare time is something to treasure. Besides that, the trees in city park are also as lungs of the city. To maximize city park's function so public can be more comfortable while doing activities, ACE through Kawan Lama Foundation - foundation that holds social activities of Kawan Lama Group, completes Green Garden City Park in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta with additional facilities. This program is part of green campaign titled “ACE Care for Environment” that is run along 2022. 

While the facilities added through this program are energy saving LED lamps for the main area, benches, trash bins, and infographic board about the importance of using drinking bottle to reduce plastic waste.

Djauhar Arifien, SP, M.Si as Head of Department City Park and Forest - West Jakarta Administration explained, "Representing Green Garden City Park Management, we express our deep gratitude regarding ACE's initiative in completing public facilities in this green outdoor area, also educational board to enhance public's concern about pastic waste issue. We hope the presence of these new facilities enhances public's enthusiasm to have activities in the park." Before the additional facilities handover was undertaken, there was cleaning activities in the morning by ACE employees, as a token of our concern about environment. 

Representing ACE, Yoelius Saputra as Marketing General Manager said, “ACE Care for Environment is ACE's green campaign in 2022 that starts from our concern about environment preservation around. Besides presenting comfortable space for public to have activities, through this program ACE also urges public to reduce the use of plastic waste through simple action with positive impact, which is the use of drinking bottle.” The activity done for city park can't be separated from customers' contribution by purchasing ACE exclusive drinking bottle. “Enthusiasm from the customers who support ACE Care for Environment gives us more spirit to keep continuing this program. After Green Garden City Park, we also plan to do the same action in other two big cities, Surabaya and Makassar this year,” added Yoelius. 

As one of Kawan Lama Group's business units, ACE has conducted various environment preservation, such as providing clean water access for Biau and Fatoin - East Nusa Tenggara, LED lamps installation and cleaning activities in various cities, distribution one million tree seeds to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Karawang, Bandung, Tasik, Cirebon, and Semarang. The series of activities are implementations of Kawan Lama Foundation's environment pillar, besides three other pillars of Humanity, Education, and Community Development.