More Than 1,000 stores of Kawan Lama Group Participate in Earth Hour 2022

More Than 1,000 stores of Kawan Lama Group Participate in Earth Hour 2022

28th March 2022

Earth Hour 2022 Campaign that was held at 26 March 2022 with purpose to preserve the Earth's sustainability got full support by Kawan Lama Group, by putting out electricity in certain areas of more than 1,000 retail and food & beverage stores, also 21 shopping centers spread in over 50 cities at 8 to 9 PM.

Some of the participating brands: in Consumer Retail business pillar were ACE, INFORMA (including INFORMA Custom Furniture and INFORMA Electronics), Home Galleria, Toys Kingdom, Bico Fit, Pendopo, Pet Kingdom, SELMA, ATARU. While in Food and Beverage were Chatime, Cupbop, and Gindaco. From Property and Hospitality were participated by Living World Alam Sutera, Living World Pekanbaru, and 19 Living Plaza shopping centers.

Beatrice, Corporate Communication and Sustainability Senior Manager of Kawan Lama Group stated, “Started from our mission to bring value for a better life, Kawan Lama Group carries out various sustainability initiatives. One of them is environmental initiative by putting out electricity in some areas of our stores and malls to reduce electricity consumption and emission in Earth Hour 2022, such as interior, signage, and display lamps, store TVs, also video screens. We hope that through this initiative, Kawan Lama Group can bring more value for the betterment of Indonesian families’ lives.” 

Besides support in Earth Hour 2022, Kawan Lama Group also actively contributes to public by carrying out sustainable programs through Kawan Lama Foundation – categorized into pillars of Humanity, Education, Environment, and Community Development. Started from supporting the prevention of COVID-19 spread for over 220 institutions, clean water access in various remote areas in East Indonesia, training for Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) by Pendopo, responsible waste management in Living Plaza Cemara Asri Medan, to upcycling and circular economy initiative through #GerakanSapuPlastik (sweep the plastics movement) by Chatime.