Chatime Releases Eco Cup, Easily Degradable Cup Made of Paper

Chatime Releases Eco Cup, Easily Degradable Cup Made of Paper

18th July 2022

Eco-friendly program Chatime CommuniTEA was initiated on February 2022, opened with #GerakanSapuPlastik (sweep the plastic movement) that collects used Chatime cups and other plastic waste into dropboxes and will proceed to recycle, becoming products with added value. Not stop on that, entering midst of the year - on 17 June, F&B ID as the company that holds Food & Beverage business pillar of Kawan Lama Group released Chatime Eco Cup, eco-friendly paper cup which is easily degradable. The cup can be found at all Chatime Indonesia stores as a good initiative of Chatime's concern regarding the environment.

Eco Cup is designed with integrated lid, makes it simpler and minimalizes plastics use. Moreover, this special cup that is ready for either hot or cold beverage has also special design that avoids splash and spill that commonly happen while drinking. Chatimers (Chatime enthusiasts) can also add toppings and choose sugar and ice levels based on requests. Eco Cup is more efficient and can be a smart solution for Chatimers with high mobility, because the beverage can be drunk directly through its both tips. In other words, after receiving Chatime served by barista, you are free to drink from left or right side. 

Lany Cucu, Marketing General Manager of F&B ID stated, “on March-May 2022, together with PlasticPay, we successfully collected 180 kg plastic waste through #GerakanSapuPlastik as an initial step of Chatime CommuniTEA program. We keep continuing positive contribution to environment, this time by releasing Chatime Eco Cup. Hopefully Chatimers can enjoy Chatime using Eco Cup. We also suggest them to contribute to the environment by choosing this cup, or collect plastic cups into #GerakanSapuPlastik dropboxes available in 21 Chatime Stores in Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, and will be more. Let's care of our loved Earth, started from Chatime and you.”

Drinking Chatime to the last drops, then putting the empty Eco Cup to dropbox, Gerry – a Chatimers told his story on using Eco Cup, "This is a new experience for me, enjoying my favorite tea using cup made of paper. It was easy anyway, that you could use either side of the tip, left and right, I tried them both. You also no need to use a straw. And because of what it is made of, it's also recyclable for sure."