Celebrating National Customer Day 2022, Management of Kawan Lama Group Greet & Appreciate Customers at More Than 100 Stores

Celebrating National Customer Day 2022, Management of Kawan Lama Group Greet & Appreciate Customers at More Than 100 Stores

9th September 2022

Since its beginning in 1955 as a hardware shop, Kawan Lama Group has been developing into more than 1,000 stores in over 50 cities, with main purpose to get closer to ease you and your family in getting quality products and services. This is also in line with Kawan Lama Group’s commitment to serve and establish tight relations with the customers. National Customer Day (Harpelnas) 2022 which is commemorated at 4 September becomes a great moment for Kawan Lama Group to express its appreciation to loyal customers. Management from 14 brands of Kawan Lama Group are present and greet customers at over 100 stores located in North Sumatera, Riau Islands, South Sumatera, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Bali, East Kalimantan, Southeast Sulawesi, and other areas.

Adeline Ausy Setiawan as Strategic Marketing Services Director of Kawan Lama Group said, “Harpelnas is always a special moment for Kawan Lama Group, because the meaning of its celebration is in line with our value, which is to appreciate the customers who are growing together with us. Kawan Lama Group presents various interesting activities and programs that will make customers become closer with us, while we at the same time are listening to their aspirations and advices, so we can keep innovating for a better service. Thank you also for the trust you give to us all this time. Happy National Customer Day 2022.”

In the period of 1 to 10 September 2022, Management of ACE, INFORMA, INFORMA Electronics, Toys Kingdom, Pendopo, Pet Kingdom, SELMA, ATARU, SUSEN, and EYE SOUL express their greetings, share inspirations, also listen to customers’ shopping experience. To celebrate the moment more, various quizes and special gifts are also given to chosen customers. Another interesting activities are also there at Kawan Lama Group’s food and beverage stores under F&B ID, which are Chatime, Gindaco, and Cupbop. Chosen customers can feel the experience in serving their favorite food and beverage directly with Management.

Besides in-store, cheerfulness of  Harpelnas moment can also be felt online. Shown by warm welcome from customers who got chance to tell their experience and wishes to Management of ruparupa.com, authorized e-commerce of Kawan Lama Group retail brands, through online greeting event.

Harpelnas 2022 moment is also enlivened by various programs, offers, activities, to interesting competitions, all dedicated to customers.

“For every home and lifestyle need, I always shop at ACE, because the location is near my home and the products are innovative and complete. Today I was so surprised and happy at the same time because I could discuss with the Marketing General Manager. I’m also so impressed with ACE service, because from staff to Management of the Head Office, all are friendly, ready to service, and truly helpful,” said Arnoldus Janssen, ACE customer met after finishing transaction.

An INFORMA customer, Novy, described her satisfaction as well, “When purchasing mattress in INFORMA today, I met directly with its Management. I was recommended various mattress options which I was looking for, also given explanation about product feature details. I am very satisfied of shopping home furniture in INFORMA, because its product range is complete, stylish, great, all come with great service. Keep being successful, INFORMA.”