Kawan Lama Group's Journey in Developing Food & Beverage Business Pillar

Kawan Lama Group's Journey in Developing Food & Beverage Business Pillar

28th April 2022

Kawan Lama Group's expansion to food and beverage sector started in 2011, through the establishment of PT. Foods Beverages Indonesia, company that presents Chatime brand in Indonesia. The establishment was also the initiation of Food & Beverage business pillar. To maximize products and services quality, also to be more well known by public, at 25 February 2022, PT. Foods Beverages Indonesia strengthened its identity by introducing a new face called F&B ID.

Devin Widya Krisnadi, Business Director of PT. Foods Beverages Indonesia said, “Being happy is simple. As simple as gathering with the loved ones while enjoying favorite food and beverage. Here F&B ID comes and is committed to deliver happiness for every Indonesian through food and beverage with the best quality, service, and innovation.”

Chatime provides brewed tea that uses high quality selected tea leaves and already has Halal certificate. Chatime Indonesia offers a series of delicious menus for every age, starting from Signature Milk Tea, Smoothies, to Coffee & Latte. Adopting customized drink serving concept, customers can choose sugar and ice levels they want, completed with topping that has selections of Pearl, Pudding, to Jelly. By April 2022, Chatime Indonesia has operated over 400 stores spread in more than 50 cities.

Chatime's rapid growth opened the way for Kawan Lama Group to expand the market by adding more brand portfolio. Cupbop came in 2016 through the same company, with its first store opened in Living World Alam Sutera, and recently has over 15 stores in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Surabaya. Cupbop Indonesia is a cooperation between Kawan Lama Group with a company from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, where the brand is originated from. By the concept of barbeque served in a cup, Cupbop wants to present “Korean Spirit in a Cup”, a unique experience for all Korean culinary and culture lovers in Indonesia.

Selections of popular favorite food became more with the presence of Gindaco - the most popular takoyaki in Japan with characteristic of ‘crispy outside, creamy inside’, brought to Indonesia by PT. Foods Beverages Indonesia to satisfy Japanese culinary lovers in this country. The first Gindaco store was opened in Living World Alam Sutera, 2018, while at the moment there are over 20 Gindaco stores in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Surabaya.

To give affordable luxury experience through more deluxe menu and atmosphere, but still with affordable price, Chatime Atealier was opened in 2019 as development of Chatime. The word “Atealier” is adapted from French language: “Atelier” (read: a-ti-liye) meaning workshop for artists to make masterpiece. The elegance of Chatime Atealier are shown by logo, interior, and cup designs, also the use of nitro machine that presents cool sensation and fresher taste in the drinks. While exclusive menus found at Chatime Atealier are Signature Creation such as Premium Brew, Milky Way, to Artisan (seasonal). Nowadays Chatime Atealier has six stores located in Jakarta, Tangerang, and Surabaya.

PT Foods Beverages Indonesia, which has transformed into F&B ID, is committed to be food & beverage company who always innovates in products by presenting various latest menus routinely, ensuring customer satisfaction by using quality ingredients and hygienic drink-making process, also giving the best service to customers. All the spirit of F&B ID is reflected on its tagline “serving simple soul-full happiness” and the newest logo called “happy-con”.

The logo consists of three circles shaping a smile, where yellow circle (happy yellow) symbolizes F&B ID's spirit in serving happiness to customers through quality products, surrounded by purple circle (creativiolet) as unlimited creativity resulting soul-full experience. The happiness that comes and creates smile in the middle of happy-con logo expresses cheerful face of F&B ID when serving the customers, just like the customer's face after enjoying experience with F&B ID brands: full and happy. 

F&B ID's effort in becoming more well known by public is supported by the launch of official website fbindonesia.com at 21 April 2022 and social media Instagram @fbindonesia.