Living Plaza Hertasning Undertakes an Action of Cleaning Up the Great Mosque of Syekh Yusuf in Gowa Regency

Living Plaza Hertasning Undertakes an Action of Cleaning Up the Great Mosque of Syekh Yusuf in Gowa Regency

8th November 2022

Living Plaza Hertasning’s commitment to participate in maintaining the cleanliness of four mosques in Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi was done through cleaning action and cleaning equipment donation, started at the Great Mosque of Syekh Yusuf in Gowa Regency, 29 October 2022. The shopping center that provides the most complete home improvement, furniture, electronics, and lifestyle needs through various brands of Kawan Lama Group sent more than 100 employees from Living Plaza Hertasning, ACE, INFORMA, INFORMA Electronics, Toys Kingdom, ATARU, SUSEN, EYE SOUL, and Chatime.

The event started at 07.00 AM through warm welcoming speech from Chief of Prosperity Council (Ketua Dewan Kemakmuran) of the Great Mosque of Syekh Yusuf, H. Anzar Zainal Bate S.E., who welcomed the arrival of Kawan Lama Group team, followed by spirited greetings from the Area Manager of ACE and INFORMA - telling that the employees should do the activities enthusiastically. 

“Representing Prosperity Council of the Great Mosque of Syekh Yusuf, allow me to express our gratitude to the Management of Living Plaza Hertasning who has helped keeping the cleanliness of the mosque. Hopefully, through the cleaning activities and cleaning equipment donation, residents of Gowa Regency become more comfortable to pray in the mosque,” said Anzar Zainal Bate, after the symbolic handover of cleaning equipment and book cases. 

Employees from Kawan Lama Group from various different brands directly went to the respective assigned areas. After getting the required equipment, they were working hand in hand to clean the mosque’s areas, from sweeping and mopping mosque’s interior, wiping the glass window, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning toilet and ablution area, library, to sweeping the yard. These activities ended at 09.00 AM, where the employees gathered in the yard to rest, before going back to Living Plaza Hertasning.

Met while mopping the mosque’s interior, Building Manager of Living Plaza Hertasning, Erni Triastuti said, “We’re very proud, happy, and supportive to the program of cleaning the mosque. Moreover, we also give cleaning equipment and book cases to keep Al-Quran dan prayer hijab (mukena) in the mosque. Hopefully, this program can be a good start in the presence of Living Plaza Hertasning in Gowa Regency.”

This activity is a token of Plaza Hertasning’s commitment delivered on the Grand Opening at 29 September, mentioning that one year ahead, Living Plaza Hertasning will do cleaning activities at four mosques in Gowa Regency, also giving cleaning equipment. 

Business Development Director of Kawan Lama Group, Sugiyanto Wibawa stated, “This commitment is in line with Kawan Lama Group’s mission of bringing values for the betterment of lives. Moreover, the mosque is also used by Kawan Lama Group’s employees to pray, including Friday prayer. Hopefully, these activities can help maintain the cleanliness of the mosques and people are more comfortable to pray.