More Than 1,200 Employees Take Part in Coming Home (Mudik) Together

More Than 1,200 Employees Take Part in Coming Home (Mudik) Together

10th May 2022

Eid al-Fitr can't be separated from "mudik", a yearly mass activity where people who work and stay in big cities spend their holiday to come back to the place they are from - to celebrate the moment with their families after being separate by distance for a period of time. After two years not being able to do mudik due to COVID-19 pandemic that results various physical activity restrictions, this year mudik was allowed by the government, that surely were happily responded by public. Kawan Lama Group also participated by holding "Mudik Bersama" (coming home together) at 29 April and 7 May 2022.

Over 1,200 employees participated in the event, either from Headquarters at Puri Kembangan, or Distribution Centers in Jababeka and Cikupa. All participants were accommodated by 25 buses, with various destinations which are Solo, Yogya, Cilacap, Kebumen, Temanggung, Purwokerto, Purworejo, to Lampung. Employees who were eligible to participate must have taken third dose (booster) of vaccination. This is essential in giving safety and comfort to all participants, also in line with the government's regulations about distant traveling during pandemic.

Participants were released by Ivan Pattikawa as Human Capital General Manager of Kawan Lama Group, who stated, “Kawan Lama Group facilitates Mudik Bersama for employees. We are grateful that after being prohibited due to various activity restrictions by the government, this year mudik can be held again. We also make third dose of vaccination certificate as the main requirement for participating in this event, for the good of all. The use of buses is also much safer than using motorcycles in convoy. Furthermore, spirit of togetherness can be more alive along the way.

Mansyur Sodik, a participant from Kawan Lama Group Headquarters expressed his gratitude, "I'm so happy that we can come home together, because the event has been forbidden for two years. Also I'm happy because I'm going to meet my family. Thank you Kawan Lama Group for facilitating us with buses in this event."

At the same place, Alfina Fardah was also enthusiastic while waiting for the bus to depart, saying, "Today's mudik makes me feel happy, even though I've just been working here a year. To Kawan Lama Group, thank you and I hope the travel will be smooth and safe."