Krisbow, Indonesian Brand that Goes Worldwide

Krisbow, Indonesian Brand that Goes Worldwide

24th November 2023

Krisbow is a home brand of Kawan Lama Group that has been present since 1998 and provides complete collections of quality products for commercial, industrial, and household needs. As a reputable local brand, Krisbow doesn’t stop just adding more products to its portfolio. Market expansion is also done vigorously, including reaching overseas markets. 

Krisbow successfully achieved a new milestone through its presence in China's biggest export and import exhibition, Canton Fair #134 in Guangzhou, on 15-19 October 2023. In the international event, various product categories were showcased, starting from tools, electrical and cleaning appliances, machinery, to vehicles & spare parts. While the highlighted products that came such as pipe wrenches, generators, battery testers, battery chargers, impact drills, angle grinders, tool boxes, and many more, to support industrial, commercial, and consumer needs, both for local and global markets.

Previously, Krisbow had done the ceremony of the first export to Myanmar on 26 April 2023. This event was undertaken at Jababeka Distribution Center, West Java. This event marks Krisbow's new achievement of reaching the ASEAN market. The exported products were more than 15,000 items from various categories ranging from tools, power tools, also cleaning, cutting, welding, painting, and measuring tools, to safety equipment. The peak of the event attended by Krisbow's management was the jug-breaking and flag-waving moments that initiated the release of the container truck.

Tan Hadi Purnama, the Business Director of Krisbow, stated, “Krisbow, as a reputable local brand which has been existing for a quarter century, keeps innovating in developing its product categories, distribution channels, and customer service. After successfully exporting products to Myanmar, and will continue to the next countries, we also came to the Canton Fair international exhibition in China to expand our overseas market. We are grateful for the support of Indonesian people who trust Krisbow as a reliable brand.”