Kawan Lama Group is Always Present and Keeps Growing for Indonesia

Kawan Lama Group is Always Present and Keeps Growing for Indonesia

1st March 2022

Started from a 3x3 sqm hardware shop founded in Glodok, West Jakarta in 1955, Kawan Lama Group keeps growing and nowadays has become multisector business in Indonesia which is consistently serving the public through six business pillars, 28 brands, 11 distribution centers, and more than 1,000 stores all over Indonesia.

The rapid growth in 67 years of Kawan Lama Group's presence is based on the spirit in bringing value for the betterment of lives - in this point are customers, business partners, employees including their families, other companies in various industries, to stakeholders and the public. This is in line with the definition of success by Wong Jin, founder of Kawan Lama Group – which is when we can give a better life to families, also serve clients and colleagues as our own family.

While to bring better lives for families, Kawan Lama Group consistently develops business diversifications, products, and services, to achieve sustainable growth. Kawan Lama Group has six business pillars which are Industrial & Commercial, Consumer Retail, Food & Beverage, Property & Hospitality, Commercial Technology, and Manufacturing & Engineering - consist of over 30 brands such as Kawan Lama Solution, Sensorindo, KAESER Compressors Indonesia, Depo Teknik, ACE, INFORMA, Toys Kingdom, Pet Kingdom, Home Galleria, SELMA, ATARU, Pendopo, Chatime, Gindaco, Chatime Atealier, Cupbop, Living World, Living Plaza, Anumana, ruparupa, Danakini, Golden Dacron, and Golden Living

This business growth also brings positive impact, such as diverse employment opportunities.

In line with its business growth, various social activities are also carried out by Kawan Lama Group as responsibility to public and environment - implemented by a series of sustainable actions, such as donations for people affected by disasters, ambulance donation, distributing more than  a million of tree seeds, mobile library, toys donation program named Toys for Kids, etc. All of these are conducted through Kawan Lama Foundation – foundation that holds all Kawan Lama Group's sustainable actions – who acts with the spirit of AKSI “Ayo Kita Sejahterakan Indonesia” (Let's Prosper Indonesia) with pillars of Humanity, Education, Environment, and Community Development. 

In an occasion, Chairman of Kawan Lama Group - Kuncoro Wibowo described value he inherited from his parents, including the philosophy of ‘Kawan Lama’ name, "Besides hard work, study hard, and always ready  in seeing chances, our parents also taught us to keep other people's trust. The choosing of ‘Kawan Lama’ name has a meaning that in business we don't consider profit as the only important thing, but there’s also relationships quality with all business partners, from suppliers to customers, to build trustworthiness and lasting relationships. Moreover, inside the internal organization – where in this point is relationships with employees - human relation aspect is our main concern, so they feel comfortable while working together because of the feeling of being a big family. As time goes by and along with the continuous growth of Kawan Lama Group, our business motivation also shifted. When the shop was small, it was only our livelihood. But after the business grows rapidly, the motivation is now to create employments for many people and bring value for customers through our business, products, and services.

Sandra Hardjana as Human Capital Director of Kawan Lama Group described, “The long journey and achievements of Kawan Lama Group from only a shop and now becomes over a thousand stores all over Indonesia, empowered by more than 40,000 employees, came true due to the commitment and dedication by everyone who synergize in giving the best for company's growth. Entering 2022, we determined a focus of ‘Human-centric’ and ‘Keep Learning’, implemented through eight values we call I AM ELITE, comprising innovative, accountable, mastery, excellence, leadership, integrity, teamwork, and enthusiasm. Besides that, Kawan Lama Group in daily activities also applies sustainable actions in the umbrella of Sustainability for a Better Life - comprising Sustainable Workforce, Sustainable Workplace, and Sustainable Business.”