Kawan Lama Group Delivers Donations for People Affected by Cianjur Disaster

Kawan Lama Group Delivers Donations for People Affected by Cianjur Disaster

6th December 2022

Earthquake with magnitude level of 5.6 that hit Cianjur, West Jawa brought sufferings to local residents, due to the casualties arose, also the damages of over 80,000 houses, causing more than 100,000 residents had to leave. 

Kawan Lama Group, together with the employees, actualized its commitment of caring to society, through collection of donations for people affected by the disaster, comprising main food materials (sembako), medicines, and other daily needs. 

The donations were delivered to people who were living in 14 refugee camps in Cianjur, through Jabar (West Java) Quick Response at 29 November 2022. Besides 56 boxes collected by the employees, given also 1,500 products from Kawan Lama Group which consisted of emergency lamps, folding mattresses, pillows and bolsters, blankets, towels, and body bags. 

Met at a refugee camp area, Iyan Sofian, Head of Muka Village RW 11 said, "There are 350 refugees here that occupy five tents, and majority of them are staying here in this field area. We’ve been here days and nights, causing some of us get sick. We are so in need of blankets and pillows, especially in the nights. Alhamdulillah, now there is help from Kawan Lama Group. We are very thankful because the donations are what we truly need in here."

Ferry Budiansyah, a volunteer from Kawan Lama Group told his experience, "Me and my colleagues in Kawan Lama Group felt called to help the refugees of Cianjur earthquake, by coming there to see directly the conditions of people in the refugee camps. From greeting them to playing together with children. In the midst of the condition, I still saw hope and spirit inside them, to go through all of this towards recovery period."

Melinda Pudjo, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Communication & Sustainability of Kawan Lama Group said, “These donations are Kawan Lama Group and employees’ participations in relieving the difficulty of people affected by Cianjur disaster. Thank you to all who had contributed in collecting donations, also volunteers who helped in the delivery process. Hopefully these donations can be useful to people staying in refugee camps.”